It's Not Just All House, All the Time

It seems like it's all house, all the time around here most of the time, but we do have other interests too. S does fly big planes and I have a real job and a part-time gig too. But one thing we don't really blog about often, is that we're big fans of running. Well maybe not such big fans when it comes to the big hills around here, but we lace-up our sneaks together frequently.

For us, running is more about getting outside and feeling good (or in S's case whatever bribe I dish out to convince him to run slower with me), than it is about racing or training. I've trained for a marathon and S has run a marathon before (you read that right, I trained, he did not, he ran, I did not), so when the registration for the Army Ten-Miler was announced this week I decided to sign us up and throw a little training motivation into the mix.
So this summer and fall when we're dead tired from all the projects we have planned around the 'Hive, we'll have one little excuse to take a break and get away, at least for a few miles.

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