A Little White Filler Goes a Long Way

After work one day this week I decided that instead of going for my usual run, I would take out a tube of white wood filler and one of the step-stools that are multiplying around here, and work on filling all the holes left from years of changing window treatment hardware.
The window trim was in pretty rough shape, especially at the top corners where it looked like curtain rod hardware had been violently ripped from each window.
Every window had several sets of holes at varying heights, which made this seemingly small project have a big impact.This window alone had six sets of holes.
Because I had the wood filler out, and because my fingers were covered in goop, I decided to finish filling the holes in the sun room ceiling too. Then, when I went to the kitchen to wash my goop-covered hands, I decided to use the filler to smooth out the crappy pane-replacement job that someone's six-year-old did on our kitchen door window.
I'm embarrassed to say that this is the after photo - look at that huge glob of goo! I promise you, I was able to smooth the filler on with my finger to a finish that barely needs sanding. That big glob is someone else's mess. But nonetheless, at least the trim on this pane now looks like it might have been original, or rather at least you can't tell from 20 feet away that someone just slapped a piece of glass and ill-fitting wood in there and called it "good enough." Clearly they didn't go to the school of "any job worth doing is worth doing right." That's right, S, that's right.

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