Married for 208 Days

We've been married for 208 days, not that we're counting. But earlier this week when we were signing our wills our attorney asked how long we've been married and S responded "six months or so" and I said "about 200 days." All of this just means that when we stopped by S's parents' house after work on Monday to pick up the 12 place settings of Waterford china that they gave us for our wedding gift, it was high time to get it out of their family room. In fact, we sat around and had a glass of wine, toasting to the new-found space behind their couch.

The real fun began when we got home and I finally had the opportunity to use all our pretty red quilted china storage containers from Williams-Sonoma. Yes, we have those red containers for all our china. It's a neurotic organizer's dream come true. And to have something to put in them? Really, I promise you, it's the stuff of dreams.

As I unwrapped each piece of china and placed it in the red containers with its individual red quilted dividing pad, I did ask myself "who the heck am I to have all this beautiful stuff?" a few times. I mean seriously, matching quilted red bags for all our china, come on, how perfect is that?

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