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When my dad was at the Hive we bought supplies to install a motion sensor near the back corner of our house. We had a motion light in Pcola that we rarely used because we would always just open the garage door and enter the house through the garage. But at the Hive we have no garage and inevitably we're  left in the dark fumbling with our keys whenever we come home at night.

While we didn't have time to install the motion light, it did inspire me to search for the perfect outdoor lighting. I pulled up a bookmark at Seagull Lighting to reveal this ceiling-mount light, which I love for our porch.
I was pretty psyched to find that it's carried at Lowes. Then I discovered that the light is part of a whole collection, including this wall-mount fixture that would be perfect next to the kitchen door.

I snatched-up both fixtures and stuck them in my virtual shopping cart, only to find that Lowe's online checkout was not working. I must have tried to check-out three dozen times before giving up. Tonight I decided to give it one more (failed) shot before I called customer service. The Lowe's team was apologetic and offered a convoluted apology discount: if I can wait two to seven days they'll email me a new movers 10% discount coupon code, which I can use online. Ten percent is a nice little discount and since I'm in no rush to install the lighting I agreed to wait. So hopefully in a few days we'll buy some new matching outdoor lights.

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  1. Oh i have the 2nd one , i bought three for the outside of y house...they looks great!

    Jen Ramos
    madebygirl.blogspot.com --

  2. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful designs with all of us.. This is a great post.. I am glad I visited here..


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