The Painting Bug Bites Again

When we first moved to the Hive we painted nearly every wall in an effort to tone-down the previous owner's vibrant color choices. Then when we put recessed lighting in the kitchen I reluctantly started to paint the ceilings. The problem with painting the ceilings is that most of our rooms flow together, and in such a small space, leaving one ceiling dingy and unpainted will be very noticeable. Regardless, when I painted around the recessed lights in the kitchen I just stopped at the threshold to the dining room, wrapped my roller in plastic and vowed to return to the project when the mood struck.

Yesterday, as I was walking around Ikea after returning a few things that didn't fit at the Hive, the painting mood struck. It's been a while since I felt like painting, so I zipped through the showrooms and left without purchasing a thing. At 3pm I was up on a ladder in the upstairs hallway cutting in around the edges of the ceiling. I used the same gray paint that I used in the kitchen, which is one shade lighter than the wall color and infinitely better than the stained, dirty, off-white paint that was up there before. And as a bonus, I can now show you the Ikea-hack hall light that we installed about a month ago.
I was a bit discouraged that my splatter-proof roller cover and wooden pole contraption didn't reach the highest points in the stairwell.
I'll have to bring our tall ladder into the house and prop it up on the stairs like we did when I painted the walls, but for now you can see where my reach ended. I suppose checking "paint the hall ceiling" off the list cancels out this new addition to the list.
When I finished the hall I still had paint in my tray so I carried everything downstairs and moved on to the dining room. The afternoon light made it easier to see the division of wall and ceiling, which is something we had trouble with back in December when it seems like we were always painting in the dark.
The three-shade color choice shows really nicely in the dining room where the darkest is below the chair rail (the same wall color as the kitchen), the lighter color, which is the same on the walls in the living and hall ways, is above the chair rail, and then the lightest shade of gray is on the ceiling. Thankfully the dining room and kitchen ceilings look seamless and waiting a few weeks between the two jobs didn't produce any visible division lines.
When I finished the dining room, I still had a little paint left in the tray (I had refilled a few times at this point) so I decided to cut in around the light fixture and walls in my office.
I didn't have any paint left in the tray after cutting-in, but because I didn't know when the painting mood would strike again, I decided to go for another pour so I could finish the project. And then since our Directv satellite wasn't working and I couldn't watch TV, I decided to take advantage of the last rays of light on a Sunday afternoon and I started to fill the nail holes left in the bead board ceiling of the sun porch when S removed the fibrous ceiling panels.
I worked until I couldn't see anymore and then I wrapped my roller in plastic again: the living room ceiling needs a fresh coat of paint and those two bedroom ceilings upstairs look dingier than they did a day ago. I only have enough paint left for one ceiling, so I may try a slightly different shade in the bedrooms, if I'm feeling adventurous when the painting bug bites again.

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