Testing Paint Colors in the Sun Porch

The sun porch turned office project is well underway, only slightly delayed as we wait for our Jeld-Wen windows to be delivered. In the meantime I've filled the holes in the bead board ceiling left from the nails that held panels of fiberboard ceiling tiles, and this week I'm testing out paint colors for the walls in ceiling.

After my success using color on our ceilings instead of flat ceiling white I've vowed to never paint a ceiling white again. Which really worked out well when I fell in love with Benjamin Moore's sea foam (2123-60) AND ocean air (2123-50). I bought "test" quarts of each, but because a quart of my favorite Aura paint cost around $20 I made sure I had another project lined up, just in case. A few brush fulls on the ceiling and wall confirmed that these colors are our winners for my new office and for that other project we have yet to reveal.
Because the panels are likely treated with some sort of oil-based paint the paint guys recommended that we use a regular latex primer instead of using Benjamin Moore's Natura primer, or just relying on the self-priming Aura. And of course our trusty paint guys were right; the knotty pine shows through this coat of paint. So the gallon of BM primer I picked up when I bought our "test" quarts of sea foam and ocean air will be put to good use. However, I'm not going to roll it on until I can figure out how to get one of the fixed-pane windows open. I have a feeling it's going to be as stinky as the Behr paint that made me a Aura convert for life.

Aren't you curious to see where we used the rest of the soft-greenish blue quarts of test paint?

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  1. RenovationGal4/28/2010

    My husband and I ran into this problem not that long ago. We hired a painter we "knew" who started painting a few of our rooms. He didn't use any sort of primer and suffice it to say, it didn't turn out at all. We ended up finding a contractor from eContractorBids.com who came in and did the job the right way. We tried to save a few bucks by getting a guy we "knew" and ended up spending more than we needed. Glad you got the advice beforehand!


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