Update on the Basement

You may remember the disaster we discovered in the basement a few weeks ago after a few days of heavy rain. After ripping off the wall paneling and tossing the mold-saturated insulation, we went off to the Depot to buy a dehumidifier.
We set it up and it sucked a bucket-full of water out of the room in 24 hours. But since then the humidity monitor thingy we hung in the room has remained steady at a fairly dry level, which is a good thing since the unit started to make horrible noises after only a few days and has been turned off ever since.

We're a bit disappointed because this particular dehumidifier was listed on Consumer Reports as one of their highest rated best buys. Needless to say, it's been sitting back in its box in the returns pile for a while now. Even though the room has remained "dry" even after an inch of rain fell this week, we're going to give the LG brand dehumidifier another shot and go for an exchange. Perhaps we just picked up a lemon.

We're also going to grab a gallon of dry-lock to paint on the walls before we throw up some new insulation. I was able to salvage the old paneling by washing it with a bleach/water solution. After a good scrubbing it has dried good-as-new. I'm grateful for that since we're fresh out of the Benjamin Moore paint we just painted them with less than two months ago.

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  1. Another option instead of dry lock is to find a spray foam insulation installer in your area. Have them spray a couple inches in those two joists. It'll give you around 14 r-value and it'll also act as a moisture and vapor barrier. We used this on our basement walls as the old dry lock was failing all over. It'll probably cost $30-50 for that small of an area. If it were $30, that is about the cost of driving to pick up a gallon of dry lock, the supplies, and the time spent putting it on.

  2. Thanks for the tip, we'll definitely look into that.

  3. That looks like the same LG dehumidifier I have. Mine has been going for five years now and I've been pretty happy. It does get loud sometimes if it's cold in the basement.

    Just a tip though if you get a new one, cleaning it out (more than just the filter) REALLY makes a difference to it's performance. I never took the front off and cleaned it; my boyfriend was appalled when he did so years later. :)


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