Violets v. Lawn

After a good run yesterday (I still hate the hills) I risked life and limb in the shed and managed to find the grass spreader without causing any more damage to my shins. I poured it full of fast-acting lime:
and set to work spreading it all over our lawn, which was sprouting more violets than grass. Then, since the weather forecast today was for rain, I spread grass seed in all the dead spots. We had two partial bags, one of shady grass seed and the other of full-sun seed, so I divvied them up and spread away.

It only took me an hour to spread the lime and seed and I know I probably should have spread some straw on top of the seed, but it was getting late, I had no straw, and I was in desperate need of a shower. So I locked up the shed, grateful that I ran out of seed and didn't have to try to put the bags away, and brought a few more cuttings to the huge brush pile at the curb.

The brush guy came today and now the yard is looking much nicer.
And just like last time, he jumped off his truck and raked up the few scraps before he drove off. So cool.
We're going to start looking for fence companies to give us quotes and we need to have the surveyor come out and drop pins for us. In the meantime I'd like to neaten things up a little bit more and get a couple of planters for the front porch and a large container for tomatoes to put in the space between our lounge chairs.

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