We Hope It's Not a Joke

We filed our taxes on April Fool's day. The amount of stuff we had going on this year reads like a joke: sold a house, got married, changed state residencies, bought a home, short term capital losses (by two days = bad planning), long term capital losses, long term capital gains, student loan interest payments, vested stock options from an old internet start-up that survived, four home office calculation work sheets, oh and throw in that new military spouse relief act too. We used Turbo Tax to do our returns and found four program errors in the process. They were easy enough to fix and I'm sure Turbo Tax will have a fix to the problem just in time for everyone signing-in on April 14th.

At the end of the day we have a refund check heading straight towards the sun porch-shed-fence-windows fund. If it's as fat a refund check as it would be had we hired someone to do our taxes for us is something we'll never know, we're just happy we're not paying. Now that would be no laughing matter. And whenever that refund does find its way into our project bank account, we'll start sharing a few ideas we have in store.

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