We're Hooked on Monograms

Our 2009 wedding revolved around our monogram that was inspired by an invitation sample that S liked. Everywhere we turned for over a year we saw this:
So it's really no wonder that when I saw monogram hooks on Anthropologie's web site, I just had to go out and buy an f and an s for the Hive. And I had the perfect place to use them: in our itsy bitsy tiny bathroom.

The back of our bathroom door has seen better days; it has at least a dozen holes from a whole variety of hooks and towel bars. So I armed myself with white wood filler and the drill and set to work removing all those hooks and bars that were placed in such weird places. One towel bar was two feet off the ground, weird. A few very short minutes later, we each had our own special place to hang our towels.
It's kind of like a little reminder of our f|s wedding every time we reach for a towel.

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