And the Prepartion Continues

The windows were delivered Tuesday and on Cinco de Mayo S was still home "recuperating" from jet-lag. S's dad thought he'd be available by about 2pm to head over to the Hive to help, so we were fairly confident that we would be able to replace two windows given we expected to have at least six hours of daylight.

We set off for the Depot early Wednesday morning before I went to work to stock up on supplies and to exchange the dehumidifier that started to sound a little funky within the first week we owned it. When we got home I scurried up to my office and S sat down to watch the videos from Fine Homebuilding I sent him the day before. Before too long I heard the telltale signs on demolition: the reciprocating and circular saws whirring away below me. We only had a slightly minor snafu when S appeared at my office door, wrists exposed to show me where one pane of glass broke and cut him as it shattered as he tried to pry it away from layers and layers of old paint. At least we know that he doesn't always faint at the sight of blood.

The next time I went downstairs to refill my water bottle, we had a picture window-sized hole in the side of the house.
We knew from our home inspection that there was a bit of rotten wood around the window sills. Thankfully it was just a small portion of wood that needed to be replaced, but S ended up ripping up and replacing the entire length of wood that the window would sit on, just to make sure we had at least one nice level surface to work with.
Unfortunately earlier that morning we hadn't thought of the insulation we'd reveal by ripping out this section of the window hole.
And because we had the area open, S decided to go ahead and make another run back to the 'Depot for the pink stuff. He grabbed two bundles of insulation since we plan to re-insulate the area of the basement where we pulled the paneling off way too many week ago.
After stuffing the wall with new insulation and creating a new sill plate thing for the window, S moved on to window hole #2, which I fondly refer to as the point where we had better figure out how to do this whole window thing or we're going to be screwed. I think we'd all be lying if we said we weren't a bit nervous as we stood there in our construction zone looking at two HUGE holes in our house.

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  1. Oh my, this is a messy job isn't it? Your renovation looks amazing though.

    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog.



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