And Those Windows are IN!

With one quick diversion down we got to work on day two of the window installation much earlier than the day before. S had prepped the window openings earlier in the day before his dad showed up, so all that was left before window number three could meet its new home, was more of the black sticky water barrier stuff.
 Our team of three learned a lot on day one so window number three went in way faster than the first two.
Maybe it's more accurate to say that our team of two learned a lot the first day because S and his dad did the bulk of the work, while I continued to wave around the level as I told them to bump the window in "just a touch" here and there.
We still had hours of daylight left after window four went in, which meant we had plenty of time to add shims to all of the windows and secure them tightly in place. Shimming was definitely a two or three person job since one of us had to stuff a shim through the side gap from the outside while the other had to stick a shim in from the inside while simultaneously holding both in place. Then S drilled through the window frame, both shims and the 4x4 in the wall. He also went in with a countersink so we could make sure to hide the screw heads with wood putty later on.

Once all the windows were screwed in place S grabbed a can of Great Stuff expanding foam and from the outside filled in the 1/4" gaps all around the windows.
Then he came inside and did the same from the inside, ensuring that if we have another season of snowstorms like we did this year, the snow and cold won't be getting in our house.
The Great Stuff got all over the place and made a bit of a mess. I've found dregs of the stuff all over the house, including on the dish washing soap. Fortunately it cleaned up off the house and walls pretty well, despite being the stickiest stuff ever.

With all the windows in, it's time to get on to trim and finishing work. 

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  1. Love your new windows! BTW - your house is simply adorable! I can't wait to look around here more. :)

  2. Aww, thanks! It's a work in progress :)


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