A Budding Menagerie

A few weeks ago I looked out our dining room window and saw a cute brown rabbit hanging out, eating our lawn for breakfast. Since then he's been there nearly every day, which is pretty cool since I love animals and have always had a menagerie of creatures.

Yesterday the rabbit spent most of the afternoon under the picnic table, stretched out and totally comfortable.
He didn't even flinch when I walked outside to take these photos. Trust me, our yard is small; I was close.
Granted, we have been living rather harmoniously for a few weeks now and I've never given him reason to run away. Unfortunately I think he's living under the shed that's falling in on itself, whose demolition is creeping its way to the top of the to-do list. We've discovered other creatures calling the shed home too, so as the devout animal-lover at the Hive my personal to-do list has line items like "find rabbit new home" and "call apiarist to ask if they can move the bees." We'll see about that last one, I don't think carpenter bees are too desirable a species. But maybe I can convince that apiarist to drop a hive or two of honey bees at the Hive....

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