Eagerly Awaiting the Window Delivery

As we eagerly awaited the delivery of our Jeld-Wen windows, which were delivered to Home Depot on April 21, but not to us until May 4, we decided to busy our idle hands by prepping the sun room for its transformation as best we could.

S set to work removing all of the trim boards around the windows and the moulding from around the ceiling while I pulled out my 2" angled brush, 9" roller, and a tray full of white primer. We managed to remove all the trim without damaging any of it; we're super happy that this means one fewer trip to Home Depot. Then, since the primer our favorite paint guys recommended we use to cover over the old stained pine is probably pretty noxious we decided to pull, poke, bang, and slam the old fixed pane windows out of their frames to let a little fresh air in.

With the windows wide open and a toasty warm breeze blowing through, I grabbed the brush and S grabbed the roller and we managed to put up a nice coat of primer on the walls and ceiling, and two coats over the dark knots, in no time flat.
Then, since we had all those trim boards down, and S had no where to go since he was still technically recovering from his jet-lag, we moved all those boards out to the lawn where we primed and painted them before re-hanging them inside.
Given that we lined the boards up just next to the bird feeder under our neighbor's holly tree, I was pretty surprised that we only had to clean bird poo from one board. We hope that priming and painting the trim pieces before putting them back up on the walls cuts down a hefty amount of work on the interior paint side of this renovation project.

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