Exterior Window Trim: Trading One Pain for Another

We decided to use wood to trim around the exterior of the windows, even though S had painstakingly removed every piece of aluminum siding trim with hopes of reusing it. But because we made the window openings slightly larger than they were previously, the aluminum would have been a giant pain in the neck. So after S re-attached the aluminum siding edging, cut off the over-expanded Great Stuff, and stuck on yet another strip of waterproofing tape around the edge of every windows, it was off to the 'Depot again for more supplies.

When S returned from the 'Depot I sent him outside with a can of primer and an old paintbrush so he could hit the ends of each cut of pre-primed wood with a little primer before nailing it up. S measured the first length across the top of the window, cut piece of trim board on the miter saw his dad dropped off earlier in the week and cracked open the can of primer.
He dabbed the ends with primer, hopped up on the ladder with a pocket full of nails and his hammer, lifted the trim in place, and...discovered that there was nothing level, straight, or true about the edge of the siding. So much for avoiding a giant pain in the neck.

So back down S came, trim was tossed on the bushes to dry, and the hammer was placed back down on the ground as S grabbed his tape measure, a pen, and a tiny piece of paper. Back up on the ladder, S measured the width of the trim space every five inches and wrote the measurements on the tiny piece of paper.
He then took the measurements, made corresponding marks on a length of trim, and then connected the dots with a straight edge before cutting the trim to fit with the circular saw.
The resulting trim pieces fit like a glove and I'm sure that working with wood produced much better results than the aluminum would have, but it the project wasn't without hassle.
We've definitely given all our tools a workout on this project and we're learning way more than we would have had we hired someone to do the work for us. Plus our can-do attitude (naivete?) means we're saving money to put toward more projects around the Hive.

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