Hitting the Ground Running

I met S at the airport late Friday night / early Saturday morning and while I would have much rather been asleep, he was 13 hours ahead of me and ready to get to hit the ground running. I think he fell asleep at some point, but I woke up to find him out in the yard disassembling one of our rusty chain link fences. So much for my mom's "word from the wise" warning me not to line up any projects for my jet-lagged husband.

Taking out the fence was a surprisingly fast process. S used his socket set to back out the bolts holding the fence to the end posts and then bent off the thick wires holding the fence to the top rail.
The 24 foot top rail slid right out of the posts. S narrowly missed hitting me, the car, and everything in between before managing to tuck it away behind the shed that's falling in on itself.
Apparently the top rail is the murphy pin of a chain link fence because once that was off the fence just hung there and rolling it up was pretty easy.
As S started to dig out the remaining posts I took measurements and notes so we could list this beauty on Craig's List. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that someone would want our rejects, but I sold the ceiling fan from my office, so the old adage that one man's trash is another man's treasure really is true.

From there a little pushing, pulling and persuading was all it took to get the posts out of the ground.
So now we have a bunch of fence pieces hidden behind the shed that's falling in on itself.
We plan to take the rest of the chain link fence out after the surveyor comes on Friday and drops "pins" along our property line. We'll also be removing and replacing the rotten picket fence along the back edge of our property, but that one may need to stay until we're ready to actually install a new fence since it blocks off our neighbor's back yard where their kids and dog play.

What's the first thing you do when you get home from 24 hours of traveling and you're still in a time zone from the other side of the earth? Hit your house like a giant project tornado leaving nothing in your path?

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