I Squashed that Painting Bug

We hung the exterior trim just in time for a few days of dreary rain, which made us pretty happy we chose to prime the board before hanging them so they had at least a wee bit of protection from the rain. With new windows keeping the elements outside we had no reason not to start painting inside, so after work on Thursday I stepped up on the ladder with my 2" angled brush in hand and set to work painting the ceiling...the entire ceiling with a 2" brush. With two coats. If I didn't have a great audio book to listen to, I would have gone out of my mind.

We used the same color as the ceilings in the rest of the house, which is the palest of blueish grays. You can see why I needed a brush to get in all of the cracks of the bead board.
Some gaps remain, but it's an original bead board ceiling so it's to be expected. We're just really happy that all the wood filler I used to patch all the holes from the fiberboard ceiling we removed helped us restore the ceiling. There's very little evidence that the fiberboard ceiling was ever there.

Friday afternoon, even though my neck and back were aching from painting the ceiling the night before, I some how managed to muster up the motivation to paint the walls...with a 3" angled brush. I thought the bathroom was a total pain with all the caulk, but it has nothing on a room that needed to be painted entirely by brush.
One would think that after two evenings of painting inside, I'd be ready to throw in the painting towel (or rag), but on Saturday we woke up early and before our neighbors were even awake, I was outside on the ladder painting the trim that S cut and hung and his dad caulked earlier in the week.

On Sunday I moved from exterior paint back inside where I assumed that painting the interior trim would take an hour, tops. Thirteen hours and two coats of paint on all the windows, baseboard and crown molding later, I proclaimed the renovation done.

The weekend of painting definitely squashed that painting bug I was bit with a few weeks ago. I'm sure it will surface again, but for now I'm googling ways to restore a worn-out paint brush and day dreaming about a spa day.

Next up is a giant clean-up and then the BIG move as we introduce my office to the new space. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

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