Our New Dog is Coming!

A few months ago we told you about a beautiful black goldendoodle, "Doodle" who is looking for a forever home. He has been living in Florida with my friend Whitney since his owners gave him up last December. She's in love with him, but she has her hands full with another doodle, a baby and a cat (who absolutely hates this sweet pup) and knows that he needs a home where he'll finally be #1.

I took a day off from work about a month ago when S was overseas and flew down to Florida to spend a long weekend with Doodle. Even though S warned me not to fall in love with him just because he's cute, I fell hard. He's coming to live with us next weekend and the UPS man just made it official:
We have Lexi's extra dog bed that we brought down from Maine, a hammock for the backseat of the car, a ball inside a ball, which is supposed to drive ball-crazy dogs nuts, a brush, a training collar, a dog tail leash hook from Ikea, matching water and food bowls, a poo baggie holder, a water hog bowl mat from L.L. Bean's, and a remote trainer.

Our first order of business is to change his name. We've settled on Feeney Doodle after the bar where we met, coincidentally on the same day we'll adopt him, June 4, five years ago.

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  1. I just ran across this post. I'm SO excited to come see Feeney Doo!!!! I think we're going to make it through your way around late Feb./ early March. I PROMISE to give you guys a date night and Maddox, Finn, my mom, Harney and Feens will have a BIG party at your house WITHOUT you!!!

  2. Did my last comment make it? So excited to see Feeney Doo!!!!!


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