Pimped Out Toilet: Converting to Dual Flush

A few months ago I told S that I'd like to buy a dual flush toilet when we put a bathroom in our basement. It's no secret that I'll hug any tree, bird or bunny that crosses my path, so the thought of using less water when it ahem, wasn't called for, appealed to me. I had no idea that you could convert any regular toilet (or eco-friendly 1.6 gal toilet like ours) into a pimped-out dual flush toilet with a $20 kit from the hardware store, or in our case from Amazon. Then the other day the Youngsters over at Young House Love blogged about their toilet upgrade and we had to follow suit.

So yesterday when I got home from a run and was good and dirty, I shut off the water to the toilet, emptied it out and set to work installing our new HydroRight Drop-in Dual Flush Converter. The box claims that installation takes only 10 minutes and requires no tools.
I grabbed a wrench from the tool box just in case, and was glad I did when I discovered that someone had over-tightened the handle on our john. Thankfully it wasn't cracked from the unneeded pressure, nor did I cause any damage when I messed up righty-tighty lefty-loosey.

Apart from the wrench I needed to remove our old handle, this installation truly did only take ten minutes with no tools. The only problem I encountered was when I turned the water back on and could hear a bit of water dripping from the reservoir into the bowl. I pushed down on the converter to better seat the seal that led to the bowl and the dripping stopped. Installation success.
The little push button flush is pretty cool. One water drop for a small flush and two water droplets for a big flush. The whole thing works like a charm. We haven't had this much fun flushing the toilet since we were kids throwing our toys in the toilet and watching them swirl away. (S doesn't admit to doing this, but I certainly do, and I remember my parents having the yard dug up to find the clog in the drain pipe. Oops.)

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  1. I just installed one of these (along with a HydroClean fill valve). They are quite easy to install, and so far work like a charm.

  2. Ours already had the HydroClean fill valve, which I discovered when I opened the tank. The tank was crystal clear, so I think it works well. I think you'll be pleased!


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