Seeded Glass Pendant for the Kitchen

When we installed recessed lighting in the kitchen last winter, we also cut a hole and wired a space for a pendant light above the kitchen sink. I have spent hours searching online for the perfect pendant at the perfect price to no avail. At least once a week S looks up at the bare wire hanging from the rough hole in the ceiling and tells me he wishes we never wired for a pendant.
Given my crummy luck finding the perfect pendant, I gave up actively searching in favor of passively hoping the perfect pendant would just appear. And even though this approach is fairly close to giving up, I did not join the regret party S was throwing.

Today's Daily Candy Deals email featured a coupon for 30% off at Layla Grayce, a company that I am completely unfamiliar with. The email featured a photo of a rug that caught my eye, so I clicked on over to the site, only to discover the most amazing selection of well, everything. After drooling over dozens of rugs I would trade ours for ten times over, I clicked on lighting. And I found the perfect pendant. Just like that.
I took a few quick measurements, fell in love, and hit "submit order." Head on over to Layla Grace and check out the beautiful bits of everything. Use code DCDEALS to save 30% on your order too.

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  1. Ooh! It's awesome! Thanks for sharing...


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