Sidetracked by a New Outlet

Shortly before S's dad arrived for day two of window install I decided that we needed another electrical outlet closer to where I anticipate we'll put my desk. It was kind of out of the blue, and no one was really all that psyched to have another side-project thrown in the mix. But, because my dad has been working to rewire the Hive we have a bunch of wire on hand, so this is one project that only took twenty minutes and zero trips to the 'Depot.

S popped off one of the metal circles in the last on the series of three electrical outlets already in the sun room and wired up a length of new wire. Then he ran the new wire inside the wall, which was easily accessible through the giant window openings, over to the new outlet opening.
After cutting a hole in the wall paneling under the left side of the window where we thought a new outlet would match the rest, I grabbed a white outlet from the box of ten we have sitting around, and a few minutes later we had a new outlet. Just in time to move on to the real work.

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