Sorry, We Can't Reveal the Office Sun Room Yet

We worked incredibly hard to renovate the once unusable sun porch into a beautiful office with room for a little sitting area. We insulated the attic space, removed fiber ceiling tiles, insulated the floor, installed new windows, added more outlets, and painted until I couldn't stand to paint another drop. However, when we moved my office furniture from its temporary location in the smallest bedroom upstairs, we discovered that my bookcase did not fit well in the new area.

So I'm sitting in my new office, loving the view of our bird feeder and the nice breeze coming in through the windows. But, I can't show you what it looks like in here until we purchase a hutch and a tall bookcase to conceal all my office goodies. Right now I'm coveting two pieces from Crate & Barrel's Abbott collection

The two door cabinet:

And the media gaming tower, which looks like a glorified bookcase to me:
These pieces are a bit more money than we'd like to spend; our fingers are crossed that a 10% coupon will arrive in the mail soon. It's a test of patience and time will tell how long I can actually hold out as I run up and down the stairs to grab an envelope here and a stack of printer paper there.

Have you bought anything from Crate & Barrel's Abbott collection?

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  1. Christine5/25/2010

    Hey F -
    Check out www.homedecorators.com you may find comparable styles and they offer solid wood construction (read descriptions carefully) and the prices are pretty darn good. Only drawback is assembly... shouldn't be a problem for a die hard DIY'er like yourself.

  2. Thanks for the link! I've never heard of this place, but we got their catalog in the mail yesterday, how weird is that? Are you delivering our mail? ;)


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