Updating the Porch: Removing Weird 50's Criss-Crosses

We have these weird criss-crosses between the posts on our front porch that cannot possibly be original to the house. They're just waaaaaay to 1950's or maybe 60's and do not fit with the colonial look at all. They're distracting and weird. In short, we kind of hate them.
So the other day while I was engaged in a painting marathon without a roller, I mentioned to S that because he had his reciprocating saw out, perhaps he should cut off the criss-crosses. His response was, "are you sure?" And of course, since I had my pissy pants painting pants on I snapped, "yes just get rid of those god awful things!" So he did.
And now with the new windows and the normal looking entry, the Hive is fitting in so much better with its neighbors.

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  1. love seeing all your home improvements! also thanks for the smoothie idea :)


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