Working Into the Night

It was nearing seven o'clock when we finished wrapping the first window opening with Protecto Wrap and were finally ready to pop a window into place.
The guys called me out of the kitchen where I was making guacamole and tacos; it was Cinco de Mayo and we asking our seriously awesome help to work through dinner after all.

We guided the window into place, thankful that this time it was for real and not just another test run.
I assumed the role of level and plumb girl, which I think means that if any of the trim doesn't fit around the edges, the windows don't open properly, or anything else goes wrong, it will be my fault. I suppose that works for us since I seem to be the only one who holds anything over anyone around these parts. So while I held the level, S shimmed, counter-sank and screwed the windows into place four inches from each corner of the window.
Even with a gap surrounding the entire window, and no trim on the house, it still looked fabulous in comparison to the old windows. And the windows open. It really doesn't get better than that.
Before our work day was delayed by a few hours, we set a goal to have two windows in place before quitting for the night. So, rather than adjusting our goals accordingly, we secured the first window in place and then rather than going along each side of the window carefully shimming and screwing every eight or so inches, we decided to make the most of every last minute of daylight and moved on to the next window opening.

The guys set to work on the second window while I went inside to call S's mom and prep for our impromptu Cinco de Mayo party (or more accurately I went inside to "test" more guacamole).
Then wouldn't you know, just as it got dark enough so we could barely see, and just before the guys passed out from hunger, we finished securing the second window.

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