Building a Faux Retaining Wall

After the fence guys left we zipped over to the Depot, where we bought ten 16 foot long 1x6 pieces of pressure treated lumber for our faux retaining wall.
I wish I thought to take a photo of the lumber in S's car, 'cause it didn't exactly fit and at least three people stopped as we were loading the lumber to tell us that we needed to get red flags for the ends of the boards. We took their advice (we were already planning to) and made it home safely.

We laid the first 16 foot boards in place, leveled it, and screwed it into place. From there S alternated eight foot and 16 foot sections to stagger the seams like any real wall. After S had a few courses of boards screwed to the 4x4 fence posts, we carefully filled the dead space behind the faux wall with the pieces of concrete that had been in the same place before.
Each piece is nestled into the ground as they had been before and the gaps are all filled with dirt. As soon as the heat breaks we'll spread some seed on the back side of the wall so our neighbors won't have to look at dirt until their grass eventually fills the space.

We quit work when it got dark around nine o'clock on Friday night, and yesterday morning S was nearly finished with the faux wall when, you guessed it, we ran out of wood.
So now we have the fence, a 90% complete faux retaining wall, and a level site for the shed all ready for our next big project off the to-do list.
We'll pick up another few pieces of 1x6's to finish the faux wall when we rent a Depot pickup truck for the big shed shopping trip this week. So far we're really liking the way the faux retaining wall looks and even though we didn't cut very much slope off of the yard, it's making the area feel bigger already.

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