Cutting the Tree/Vine Weed

Once we had our new shed site level and the 4x4's marking where we would build the shed, we realized that the tree-vine hanging into our yard from the neighbor's yard was going to be in our way. So S pulled out his ladder and cut back a whole bunch of branches.
Which just left us a with a huge pile of brush to be cut down to four foot lengths for the county to take away.
The giant tree/vine grows like a weed so it's probably going to be overhanging the new shed again in a few weeks. We'd really like for our neighbors to cut it down and replace it with a nice crepe myrtle or some other pretty tree that doesn't drop tons of ugly, messy, dirty weedy things that stain everything they touch each spring. Unfortunately I think it's just a big old battle that we're going to have to fight with a ladder and a saw a few times every season.

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