Defining the Sun Room's Functions with Rugs

We finished the sun room / office renovation a few weeks ago, but at that time we couldn't reveal the new space. My bookshelf didn't fit in the room and we needed to find some new storage furniture before we could make any finishing touches worthy of a big reveal.

Along with housing my new office and my office-y supplies, we intended the room to have a seating area, or at least have a spot where S could sit and talk to me when he got home from work. I originally intended to use furniture to break the room into its multiple sections and I hoped to find a natural fiber rug to unify the oddly shaped room, but the $800 price tag for a custom sisal rug had me looking at other options.

The room is 7x14.5 so a 5x8 rug, which seemed to be the primary option for most rugs, centered in the room would leave too much of the black and white tiles, currently on the floor, visible around its edges. On a whim this morning I went to the Pottery Barn Web site to assess their rug options for the gazillionth time, our wedding gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. And that's when I saw what I hope will be perfect in our room:
Pottery Barn's 6' round jute rug, on sale. I emailed S the link to the rugs and while I waited for his response, a sign arrived in my inbox in the form of a 10% off coupon from Pottery Barn. How could I not buy the rugs with that kind of intervention? I bought two of them, one for the "seating" area and one for my "office" area, to define each of the spaces while giving an overall sense of uniformity to the room. 

Now we just need to wait for the delivery truck to arrive with the rugs from PB and the storage furniture from C&B. Oh and we have to find some slipper chairs to actually sit on in the newly defined seating area...details.

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  1. Katie M.6/22/2010

    Just found your blog, and I'm finding it very interesting so far! Looking forward to following along with your home, garden and newlywed projects as my husband and I are 'newbies' to marriage and home ownership as well! :)

    Our sunroom is about the same dimensions, and needs to serve the same purposes (office & sitting area). Can't wait to see what you guys create!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Katie. We're excited for the big sunroom/office reveal - only a few more weeks until our new furniture arrives!


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