Even More Light in the Kichen!

When we tackled the recessed lights project in the kitchen last winter we cut a hole in the ceiling above the sink with the expectation that we would hang a pendant lamp there at some point in the near future. S and his dad strung a wire to the space from the closest recessed light, so the pendant would switch on at the same time as all the recessed lights. It turns out that we should have strung a separate wire directly from the wall switch so we could turn the pendant on by itself, but in the middle of the winter we weren't thinking about how much heat the recessed lights would throw off, and that in the middle of a summer heatwave we'd really prefer to just flip on the one light. We could go back and string an entirely new wire to the wall switch, but that would require removing several recessed lights, which inevitably means patching chips in the ceiling, a task I'm just not up for again.

As you may remember, several weeks ago we bought a hand blown seeded glass pendant lamp to hang in the empty space. It has been sitting under the kitchen table for two weeks now, next to the broken book shelf that we're waiting for Crate & Barrel to exchange. We did the mad weekend cleaning yesterday in anticipation of the brownie sundae father's day celebration we threw last night, and while I was upstairs scrubbing toilets, S pulled out the drill and a junction box and went to town hanging the pendant. How's that for a contribution to the cleaning effort? Even though we don't quite have the final wiring scheme in place, we decided having the light hanging is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than having it under a table.

S trimmed the hole in the ceiling just a tad bit to fit the junction box and then screwed the box into a joist. Because there are two joists running parallel about three inches from each other, we decided to mount the bracket that the pendant hangs from to the joists themselves. The box we used could have supported the weight of the pendant, but we figured that the extra security by using extra long screws into wood would serve us well in the long run - ya know just in case we have kids some day who decide to swing from the ceiling or something.
Hanging the pendant itself was really a two person job. And by two person job I don't mean S hung it while I took photos. The lamp was seriously heavy. But we made quick work of hanging it, which is a good thing since we only gave ourselves about an hour to get it in place and the kitchen cleaned before the sundae making commenced.
We can't say that the kitchen is finished since we still need to figure out how to get the new light on its own switch (and by figure out I mean wait 'til my dad's next visit), but we can say that it's 99% finished.
And we can enjoy having this beautiful light hanging above the sink, which happens to look fabulous both when it's switched on and off.

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