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Earlier this week S's dad forwarded us a craigslist posting from a family that wanted to get rid of all the plants in their backyard. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the house with all the plants was only a few blocks away from the Hive. So after a few emails back and forth with the plant-giver-awayers, we headed over with a couple of rubbermaid totes, a shovel, and a shower curtain for the trunk of my car.

To say we were shocked by the sheer number of plants the family was giving away would be an understatement. Apparently the previous owner had the backyard landscaped prior to selling it less than two years ago, but when they did they overfilled the space with plants so it would look good for the sale. Now the new homeowners just want a grassy space for their young kids to play and were eager to get the over-planed area cleared out. We were happy to help.

We spent 45 minutes furiously digging peonies, boxwoods and other shrubs and flowers. We lowered the seats in my car and filled the entire space chock full of plants. It was amazing.
The timing was perfect since we want to landscape the space in front of our new fence as soon as it's installed this week. We wanted to plant a bunch of boxwoods and had planned to visit a nursery over the 4th of July weekend. No need for that now.
I had hoped to plant the peonies in the same area, but my mom said they need full sun, so we planted them last night, alternating with daisies from S's parents, in front of the renovated office/sun porch.
It also gave us the perfect opportunity to install the white square lattice trim that we ordered from Lowe's weeks ago and finally picked up last weekend.

We wish we could go back for more plants, but for now watering the totes full of plants we have and just trying to keep everything alive during this week of record-breaking temps is all we can handle. If we can keep all these plants alive, then it will be just the finishing touches our yard has been begging us for.

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  1. This might be the best Craigslist find ever! Lucky you!!


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