How to Hire-Out and DIY the Same Fence

fence, outsideA few weeks ago I told you that we were trying to decide whether to tackle building a fence, a shed, or both. After calling in several fence companies the quote we received for the best price happened to come from the company whose post-holes would be the deepest. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal since our frost line is only 18 inches deep, but along one edge of our property we have a short steep hill right where we want the fence to run. We wanted the fence company to dig the post holes at least two feet below the lowest grade at the bottom of the little hill.

Before we made our final selection we asked the sales guy from our chosen fence company to come back for a second visit. Not only did he agree that our request to go below the lowest grade would be our best plan, he helped us figure out a way to make a hired-out fence job into a major DIY project for us. You didn't think we were going to pay someone to install a fence and not figure out how to make another huge project for ourselves did you?

So before the fence installers arrive next Friday, we'll be quasi leveling the lot and cutting off the side of the little hill in preparation for our faux retaining wall. You can see where S started the Big Dig here:
Along the back 16 feet of this side of our yard, the fence will be four feet high, measured from the top of the grass closest to our neighbor's house (that's their house, above). But below that four feet of fence 12-24 inches of fence posts will be revealed. We plan to attach 1x6 boards horizontally to exposed fence posts, creating a short faux retaining wall.

We're not totally crazy gluttons for punishment; the only reason we're creating this faux retaining wall is because we need a level area for our new shed, which we'll be building as soon as the fence guys depart. Because we want to place the shed as close to the property line setback as possible, we had to dig into the side of the small hill. I suppose we could have planted some grass behind the shed and called it a day, but we think this will look much nicer, and it will allow us to claim that we DIY'd at least a small portion of the new fence.

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  1. Good luck with the latest project! We have an ever-growing list of projects for our casa but until NavyGuy comes back from deployment, I'm in a more "keep everything still standing" mindset, rather than attempting to improve too much stuff!

    I added you to my blog roll (I was out of town, hence, why it took waaaaaay too long). Glad you're still stopping by :)


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