Hydrating our Cutting Boards

We got a few great wooden cutting boards as wedding gifts last summer. I love the way the look and how they don't dull the blades of our knives, but the cuts and marks left behind by the knives were starting to bug me. The nearly-new boards were looking kind of dingy. So the other day when I was shopping at Crate & Barrel for storage for my office I popped on over to the kitchen section and asked the ladies how to upkeep our boards.

I thought the kitchen ladies were going to tell me to just deal with my not-so-new looking boards, but instead they showed me a specialty oil for our wood cutting boards. I bought a bottle and last night I treated all of our wooden cutting boards.
The one on top is years old and has never been treated so it doesn't look as good as new, but trust me, these cutting boards look infinitely better than they did just a few minutes earlier. I'm sure a little olive oil would hydrate the boards just fine, but this stuff worked really well and it promises to "penetrate, condition and seal unfinished surfaces, even protecting [my] cutlery from corrosion. Regular use prevents cracking, drying and odor absorption" No odors? No mangoes that taste like onions? Great, I'm sold!

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  1. Old House Lover7/18/2010

    You can also lightly sand them from time to time and an alternative to the oil from Crate and Barrel is plain old mineral oil. Just apply liberally and allow to soak in for a bit then wipe off any remaining excess. Also, never use anything like olive oil, cooking oil, etc. as it will go rancid over time whereas mineral oil won't.


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