I Love You Enough to Dig and Dig and Dig Some More

This weekend I told you about our new fence, and I mentioned the area that S leveled for the shed we're going to build. We positioned the new shed in the middle of the side yard so that it would create a private area to its left, in the back corner of our yard. S had to dig into the side of the slope of our yard so we could build the shed as close to the property line as possible, hence the need for our faux retaining wall to make everything look neat.

I also mentioned that the new fenced-in "J" yard felt very private even though it only has a four foot high fence surrounding it. We put our lounge chairs in the area and when we're sitting down it doesn't feel like our little dead-end street is just on the other side of the fence. On Saturday as we ate our lunch on the lounge chairs in the new yard area, looking over the new faux retaining wall and the perfectly level shed site, I said to S, "do you think that's still the best place for the new shed?"

Love is spending multiple days and evenings digging and leveling and moving sod, and drenching yourself in gallons and gallons of sweat in 90+ degree heat only to have your wife mention that she thinks that perhaps you were right in the first place and could you please level off that area over there so we can build the shed where you originally wanted to put it?

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