Leveling the Shed Site...Again

After the big revelation where S's only response was, "have I told you how much I love you?" We each called our parents for second, third, fourth, and fifth opinions. I don't know what opinions three and four were, but I do know S's parents wondered why we wanted the shed in the middle of the yard in the first place. My parents, on the other hand, thought that we'd like it wherever we put it, but were pretty keen on the idea of putting the shed at the top of the driveway.

We convened on the back step after our respective phone calls and decided that yes, even though it's a ton of work, we'd probably be better off with the shed at the top of the driveway instead of where S spent days leveling in the middle of the side yard. What? I wanted a private yard and I didn't really know that a four foot high fence would satisfy me, I can change my mind, right? Plus, having the shed at the top of the driveway would leave us with one long continuous green space in the side yard, if we remove one of the giant acuba bushes, that would be much better for throwing the ball with Feeney, or for wooing potential buyers with a big green "back yard," if we ever decide to sell.

We took a bunch of 4x4's leftover from Friday's fence installation and laid them out where we wanted to build the shed. S had to dig out a few big pieces of concrete that use to be directly in front of the old fence, but were now over a foot in front of the new fence, which was built directly on our property line.
We arranged the 4x4's so that the left side of the shed will be exactly four feet from the fence that surrounds the basement entry, which is four feet from the side of the house. However, we needed enough space to fit our trashcans so we can wheel them to their new home in the tiny strip of "back" yard, and the four foot on either side of the basement entry fence measurement means the whole area will look nice and symmetrical. Unfortunately this means that the front door of the shed will open half to grass and half to pavement, which is totally not the look I want. I'm hoping we'll be able to dig up a bunch of pavement and replace it with grass, since it's an absolute eye-sore and we don't use the area next to the house as a driveway anyway.

With our rough plan in place, S spent much of Saturday afternoon and evening leveling off the new shed site at the top of the driveway. Since half of the shed will sit on the concrete & asphalt of the driveway S only had to dig out a 7x10 area of sod, which he placed in the nice level dirt area where he had just removed sod from the old site last week. I am feeling plenty of guilt over the whole change of heart, but this new plan is what S wanted in the first place, so I'll just keep telling myself that he won.

On Sunday morning S, now an expert, placed concrete squares in the corners and leveled the entire new site.
I did a little math to figure out our diagonal measurement, marked the length on a string, and we squared up the concrete pads to the 10x14 dimensions.
Feeney inspected:

We moved all the extra lumber leftover from the fence away from in front of the new shed site and over to the old shed site. While we moved it we counted the boards and were happy to discover that we have enough leftover wood to replace the chain link fence surrounding the basement entrance with a wood fence.
See, the chain link is ugly, which is compounded by the junk hanging off of it and the rubbermaid totes of free plants hanging out behind it.
We should even have enough wood to build two three foot sections perpendicular to the surround to create a hidden nook for the trash cans, which means we won't have to use those two grayed picket fence sections that we saved when we demo'd the old fence.

Things are really starting to take shape out there. Tomorrow we'll share a few more photos of the work-in-progress and explain our current master plan for the yard.

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  1. Yes, I agree with the parentals too. Continuous greenspace is great for you guys, and attractive for potential future buyers. Plus it'll look great from the street if you cutesy it up (little flower boxes, etc), and who doesn't love curb appeal!?! :) Best of Luck!


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