A New Fence & Backyard

Our major summer to-do list lists windows, shed, fence. We finished the windows a while ago and yesterday the fence was installed. Two fence guys showed up at 8:30, another two joined them at 2 and they were cleaned up and pulled out of the driveway at 3:30. Pretty amazing considering they dug all the post holes by hand.
Which all just made us really appreciate that we paid for this job instead of doing the labor ourselves.

We had a pretty good idea of where we wanted to place the fence and how we wanted it to look. Because we live on a corner lot it sometimes feel like we're living in a fishbowl when we're out in the yard. S doesn't mind so much, but I grew up on 20 acres of farm and woods, so while I'm all for being friends with the neighbors, being under a microscope every time I step out the door just isn't my thing.

With that being said, we didn't want to box out our neighbors' yards, so we asked the fence guys to take the six foot fence along our back property line and step it down to four feet in line with our neighbor's porch. And just to make sure things all looked neat and pretty, we had them taper down between the two heights with a section angled to match the angle of the neighbor's porch rail.
After all, it is their front yard and we wanted to make sure we were improving everyone's view, not just our own.
To create a private space for ourselves and a safe place for Feeney, we had the guys install a "J" shaped section of fence enclosing our side, front yard. This was an entirely new design for the Hive so we went in blind on this idea. I could not be happier with the result.
Feeney is pretty psyched about it too, but unfortunately he needs a gate across the driveway or an invisible fence; squirrels are just too fascinating for him to stay confined to the yard. Maybe we'll use some L.L.Bean gift cards from our wedding on an invisible fence for the Feen.
We chose to go with a four foot high fence along our side property line because with the height difference between our yard and our neighbor's house a six foot fence wouldn't have provided any more privacy than a four. This is also the side where S dug into the side of the little hill to level an area for our shed. We had the fence guys dig the posts three feet below the grade of our yard, which left several inches of exposed fence posts where we'll put the faux retaining wall we told you about last week. The open area is a little shocking, and we're really glad we didn't go with a taller fence. Once we have the faux retaining wall boards in place it should all look quite spiffy.

We're really happy with how the fence turned out and I'm in love with the new "backyard" we created. S will create the faux retaining wall this weekend and on Sunday he and his dad will rent a truck from the Home Depot and pick up all our shed supplies.

By this time next week we'll be showing you progress photos of our new shed; we're really tackling the summer to-do list with a vengeance!

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  1. I recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading along! I love the fence, it caught my attention since my husband and I recently built a privacy fence around our (front yard) and I was searching other peoples blogs for ideas.
    We ended up going with horizontal cedar planks in our yard. We live in LA and tried to stick with a more modern vibe... I posted pictures of it here:
    Maine looks gorgeous, I wish we had that much space.


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