Day 1/2: Shed Shopping

We've had a super busy week starting with a visit from S's parents last Sunday on their way home from their weekend house. They stopped by the check out the fence, but after a few minutes of looking at the newly leveled shed site, S's dad suggested that he and S grab their shed shopping list and head over to Home Depot.

Just over an hour later they pulled in the driveway with a rented Home Depot truck (only $19 for 75 minutes!) and a whole bunch of lumber.
We were lucky enough to score architectural shingle on sale for almost half of their regular price. We were going to splurge on them anyway, but we were psyched to get them for only $1 more per bundle than the plain-jane standard shingles instead of the usual $25.
We strategically stacked the supplies in the driveway so we could work from the top of the pile down.
Then S tossed a leftover piece of thin plywood into the rented truck from an earlier project that we've been storing and meaning to return for months, and was back to the Depot before we were charged for another hour's use of the truck, which, by the way, would have only been an additional $10.

That's how this busy week began. We can hardly call it day one of shed building since no hammers were swung, so check back tomorrow for the real day one of building the new shed.

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