Day 2 Cont.: We Don't Mess Around!

Earlier in the afternoon on day 2 of shed building, S, his dad, and older brother built all of the roof trusses. Once those were laying off to the side they started in on the shed walls.
The new nail gun helped them make quick work of the project because really soon after I stepped outside to take photos of the roof trusses, S was calling my office telling me to come out to watch them raise the first wall.
S's dad designed our shed for us; I'm impressed with the little details he factored into its design. For example, they built the walls so the plywood hangs down a bit over the edge of the floor, which gives a nailing edge along the outside of the shed in addition to along the 2x4's at the floor. I know, not a big deal, but that attention to detail is kind of cool, no?
Once the back wall was up, they assembled the two side walls, making sure that everything was square as they went along.
Before S's brother left after 4 pm, they had three walls and rough framing for the front in place. S and his dad continued on with the roof, lifting each truss into place.
We all took a break when S's mom showed up with a picnic dinner for us. My involvement for the day included snapping these photos, chilling in my a/c'd office, and bringing out ice water periodically. I couldn't have felt more spoiled when she knocked on the kitchen door, cooler in hand, and all of this inside:
Including the home-brewed blueberry beer. Delicious. And recharging, 'cause the guys were back at work soon after filling-up and cooling-down inside. Before they broke for the evening, all the trusses were nailed in place.
Since sunset doesn't come until after 9 around here, they even managed to cut out and put up the plywood covered end trusses before running out of light.
Remember, day one of shed building commenced at 5:30 pm and day two at noon, so all of this was accomplished in two half-days of work or less. This new family of mine does not mess around.

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