Day 3: Hot, Black Roof

S's dad had a few hours to give us before he had to head into a meeting at work on Thursday and offered to stop by first thing to help with the roof. S's brother offered to lend a hand too, although I'm not sure he knew he was volunteering to spend the entire day on an hot, black roof.

At eight o'clock sharp they lifted the roofing plywood onto the rafters and nailed it in place. Then they added the trim board that S and I picked up at the Depot Wednesday night.
Before nine it looked like a real shed, or annex depending on how big you think a shed should look. It is undoubtedly the biggest room of our house. After S's dad left for work, S and his brother started shingling the roof. First they nailed roofing paper into place:
And then starting at the back of the shed, they ran a starter course of plain 3-tab shingles that S's dad donated to us from his stash.
One of those home building web sites suggested that we run a first course up the sides of the roof to create a neat edge, and since we had plenty of three tab shingles, the guys ran them up the side as well. We had a little snafu when I got home from a lunch time run and didn't think the first course of architectural shingles looked right. Fortunately they hadn't gone farther than the first row when we spotted the problem and the Timberline Youtube video set us straight. After ripping off a few shingles and starting over, both sides of the roof were finished before the end of the day.
We would have celebrated our progress with a big pizza dinner, but just before five I discovered our freezer door was open and all the food inside was thawed out. I spent the rest of the night cleaning out spoiled food and trying to save melted ice cream (you can't save melted ice cream). I fed S and his dad a few of the gladware containers of meals that we freeze for S to take for lunch before we called it a day.

S and I ended the work day by stopping by the Depot to pick up ridge cap singles. We decided to splurge on the pre-cut option to save some time instead of making our own from three-tab singles. Little did we realize just how much we'd appreciate that time savings once Friday rolled around....

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