Shed Day 2: Roof Trusses

Day 2 of shed building started at noon on Wednesday when S, his dad and his older brother all convened in the yard hungry for some wood working and BLT sandwiches. The shed floor provided a nice level work space, so the guys decided to assemble the roof trusses before building the shed walls. S cut a template so he could quickly cut each 2x4 to the right length and then chopped each piece and handed them off to his brother.
Meanwhile S's dad cut pieces of plywood into funky shaped puzzle pieces to hold the truss pieces together.
They sell metal plates for this very purpose, but we didn't pick them up on the previous evening's shopping trip, and we were all about using up as much scrap wood as possible and minimizing our waste. In less time than it would have taken me to zip over to our local Depot, we had a pile of trusses laying on the lawn.
I wasn't on vacation on Wednesday so I could only pop out of my office periodically to check on the progress. I just don't think I can explain how impressive it was to see a bunch of roof trusses sitting on the ground and the guys starting in on the walls before I had even finished my lunch. This is one seriously efficient operation.

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  1. It's really coming along! It's been between 90 and 100 degrees in New York almost every day this week, those men are troopers if your heat is anything like ours has been!


  2. A very interesting read!

    Cheers for posting.



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