Shed Day 4.5: Starting the Siding

Just to prove that we don't work on house projects all the time, S spent the morning of the 4th wake boarding while Feeney and I went for a run in one of our favorite Maryland parks. In contrast to our local run, the trail was nearly deserted and we ran into more deer than people.

When the Bay started to get too choppy to wake board we went inside for breakfast and then packed up and headed back to the Hive for a few hours of work. S's dad joined us and as temps reached 100 sweltering degrees they wrapped the shed in black siding paper.
We all had Fourth of July festivities to attend, but before we quit for the day I had made the most amazing buttermilk spice cake with roasted walnut cream cheese frosting, subsequently raising the inside temp to that of a toasty oven, and the guys had all the shed's siding corner pieces up and even managed to slide in the first few rounds of vinyl siding.
Since were aren't finishing the inside walls, we stuck scraps of 2x4's on the ground in line with the interior studs so we'd know where to nail the siding to the shed without having nails popping through inside. We just don't need to risk grabbing for a hammer some day and ending up with a nasty cut resulting in the inevitable tetanus shot since no one can ever remember when they had their last one, can you?

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