Shed Day 4: Making up for Lost Time

Saturday turned out to be a pretty good day in comparison to our no-good Friday. S was on the roof hammering in a final course of shingles and the roof cap before I woke up.
He managed to get the entire roof 100% complete before the morning temperature got too high. It was downright stifling in the shed when he cut the holes for the gable vents, which we decided were probably a good idea to install since we plan to use the shed for a lot of household storage.
I hope the angled vents and screens keep water out of the storage areas. I suppose we'll have our stuff in rubbermaid bins, and they're the same vents used in houses everywhere so I don't expect they'll give us any problems.
We planned to start siding on Sunday and expected our shed doors to be ready on Monday or Tuesday so the only thing left to do was to frame out the front. We put a call into the shed guys to confirm the dimensions of the doors and discovered that they were going to be too tall to clear the roof overhang. Thankfully they hadn't yet assembled the doors and agreed to cut the doors down by several inches to fit the space. With new measurements in hand, or written on a scrap of plywood, S framed out the door and window openings.

Then S called me out to show him where the windows should go. We still had the windows from the sunporch behind the house so we grabbed one for him to hold up while I stepped back to judge the height.
We were pretty pleased with the progress we made on Saturday given the hours we lost on Friday.
So we made the call to pack our overnight bags, we loaded Feeney in the car, and headed over to the Bay to escape the 100 degree heat for a relaxing night by the water.

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  1. Anonymous7/12/2010

    I didn't see water bottles to stay hydrated in the 100+ degree heat. Could also make nice hot tea with the water, too!



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