Shed Day 5: The Siding

Official day five of the shed project, which doesn't really count those few days where we only put in a couple hours of work here and there, started off early in our attempt to beat the heat of another 100+ degree day. In very little time (as in before I went outside with a second round of ice waters) the remaining straight pieces of siding starting where we left off yesterday were up on both sides and the back of the shed.

Progress slowed a bit for the time consuming angle pieces on the gable ends. S used the tin snips we bought for the sun room renovation to cut the vinyl siding.
But even without instructions, or my searching the interwebs for Youtube video instructions, the siding went up pretty easily. We considered using Hardiplank siding, but decided against it since it was more expensive than vinyl to begin with, would required special saw blades, and I would have to paint it. The last one was the biggest determiner in my mind; it's hot outside and I don't want to paint. Besides, have you seen that fence? I have enough on my painting palate this year.

By the time S's dad left in the early afternoon, we had three of the four sides finished, which is as far as we could get before installing the double doors.
Because it was still light out, S and I decided to cut the holes for the windows. Of course when we determined where to put the windows a few days earlier I didn't take into account that the siding would cover the shed sills too. I thought the windows might need to be a touch lower to balance things out, so I had S hold up the old sun room windows again before we made our cuts.
Voila, a shed with window and door holes.
Later in the evening S made plans to borrow a friend's truck to pick up the doors, again. His mom's car, after all, was still sitting in his parents' garage with its doughnut spare on, waiting for our ebay wheel to arrive.

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