Shed Day 6: The Final Day!

On the sixth full and final day of the shed project S borrowed a friend's truck and drove for what seemed like the entire morning to pick up the shed doors. I never saw the original doors that he owned for a hot second when he thought I'd actually be up for bondo-ing and painting them both, but he assured me I would have lost it had I seen them. So I was pretty happy when he backed in the driveway with two white, nearly perfect, fiberglass (not dent-able) doors in the back of the truck.
And even when you factor in the price of the doors, plus the price of the new tire and wheel for S's mom's car, we still paid less than we would have if we bought the doors new. Thank goodness the tire place paid for towing, otherwise I don't think we would have come out ahead.

Apparently installing doors is very similar to installing windows, and since we're pros at that around here, the doors were up and swinging freely in no time. We did have to wait for S's dad's help since I've all but given up my daily push-ups routine since our wedding and couldn't lift the doors high enough to get them out of the truck without messing up yet another person's vehicle.
After the doors were in place, S was able to finish the siding on the front of the shed and nail up trim pieces around the windows while I zipped over to the Depot to pick up a lock set. They didn't have a lock & knob set with a deadbolt that has a key hole on both sides, so I spent an hour taking apart the entire stock of locks and door knobs in every single brand trying to find a matching deadbolt and doorknob codes so that we could use one key for both. It was a rather manic mission and in hindsight I should have eaten lunch first; perhaps I would have calmly given up sooner. Needless to say, we don't have one key for both locks. And, of course, it's not a big deal at all since we have both keys on one key chain.

So after six full days plus a few extra hours of hard work during the hottest days of the year, we have a huge shed for our stuff to call home.
Of course we still have a few finishing touches up our sleeves; windows, for example, and some window boxes to make this massive focal piece in our yard look extra cute. The windows will be a donation from S's parents' weekend house basement renovation, we just need to wait for their new windows to arrive before we can pilfer the old ones. For now we'll be keeping ourselves busy organizing all our stuff in this new shed,  demolishing our old, rotten shed, and planning out our next major project at the Hive.

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  1. I think your shed might be bigger than my house! It looks great - can't wait to see the finishing touches.


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