Shed Door Fiasco

Friday was the day from hell. I have no photos to prove it 'cause it was just that bad. The day started off with an argument about our holiday weekend plans and then just escalated from there. I had way more work than anyone should ever have on the Friday before a holiday weekend, which was only compounded by the hours I lost the night before with the whole freezer issue (it started working again, which was the only saving grace of the day).

Since the Volvo S60 is the world's most useless car S had to borrow his mom's 'wagon first thing in the morning so he could drive an hour south to pick up the shed doors. Once at the door place S discovered that the steel "scratch & dent" double doors that were supposed to be in "pretty good shape" were an absolute mess. He loaded the things in the car before calling me to tell me they needed some bond-o work. I'm no stranger to bond-o, but the shed is BIG, it's an annex, a major focal point of our yard. Neither S nor I were confident that we could make the dented-up doors look good enough, especially with weather forecasts hitting the 100+ degree mark every single day in the foreseeable future and our project list growing by the minute. After driving a half mile down the street, S turned around, returned the doors and the door guys agreed to build us a set of fiberglass doors...which wouldn't be ready until after the weekend.

On his hour drive home in his mom's empty car, S hit a construction metal plate thingy and had a blown out tire. It took forever to change, and then he had to wait for hours at the tire store for the guys to put a new tire on the rim. Then a couple hours later, when I was finally finished with work several hours after our "early release" Friday, as we were headed out to Home Depot to get a few sheets of plywood to create storage shelves in the shed, S said to me, "how do you like your new tire?" I looked down and replied, "it's flat as a pancake."

So the tire place sent a wrecker over to haul S's mom's car back to their shop. Wrecker #4 in 6 months to show up to the Hive. Thank goodness it wasn't for the Saab again. S rode in the wrecker squeezed between the driver and his girlfriend. At the shop they discovered that the rim of the tire was cracked, so they put the spare back on and sent S home to look for a new alloy rim: $280 at our local Volvo dealer, which added on to the $100 new tire wiped out our entire savings from buying a door used instead of new.

We did manage to buy the needed plywood at the Depot, so that was a plus. We got home to find that Feeney had eaten a handful of q-tips and some tissues from the bathroom trash can as a payback for not taking him for a run. And then when we decided to just call it a night, S knocked the ceramic toothbrush holder onto the floor and it shattered all over the place. Happy Friday.

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  2. Here I thought I had a bad/long day! Whoofta. Hopefully the weekend makes up for it.


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