The Three Shoves Demo

The final step in our shed project was to get rid of the horrible shed-that-was-falling-in-on-itself. Note how I said was?

Our town noise ordinance says that we can start mowing lawns, pounding nails, and demolishing sheds at 7am on a weekday. Since we're not ones to disturb our neighbors, S was outside before 7 quietly removing roofing shingles from the old shed. Roofing shingles. From all sides of the old shed. That beauty had roofing shingles on every side but one, which our home's previous owners covered with vinyl to make it look pretty for the sale.

Feeney and I woke up just after 7 to the sound of hammering. We went outside shortly thereafter and found all shingles, rotten walls, and rats nests removed.
I grabbed my camera just in time for the one handed, three shove, final moments.

An there it was, fallen in on itself.
We spent the rest of the morning cutting everything down into four foot long pieces and bundling them into tied bundles of about 50 pounds each. S stacked everything at the curb and I watched on Tuesday as the county trash collectors loaded our ugly, old, rotten shed into the trash truck. Good riddance!

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