Baby Shower for Suzanne!

I threw a baby shower for my friend Suzanne last weekend. It involved lots of planning, decorating, and cooking, and was an absolute blast. The best part was that all the ladies worked together to embellish 35+ onesies for the baby.
We finished all of these in an hour. Can you imagine the work these ladies could do around the Hive? We need a bigger team!

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  1. These are absolutely adorable -- how did you do them? I'd love to "borrow" this idea for a shower I'm throwing....

    1. I bought onesies in sizes from 3mos to 24mos. We set up a whole bunch of decorating stations. I ordered iron-on appliques on etsy for one station, had embroidery floss and needles at another, fabric paint and stamps (paint the bottom of the stamp then press onto the onesie), and fabric pens for each person to sign their creation. It was a huge success and she's still using them 1.5 years later!


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