Cutest Shed on the Block - New Windows!

We fancy ourselves window experts around here after the big sun room renovation, so when S's dad offered to give us their small basement windows that they were replacing with larger egress windows, we said "yes, please!" We figured installing "used" windows couldn't be too different from the new-from-the-factory windows we bought from Jeld Wen. We were pretty psyched when we learned that the new, used windows were made by Jeld Wen too. Seriously, we love that company.

After waiting a few weeks for S's parents' new windows to be delivered, we got a call from S's dad saying the old windows were ready to come out and we could head on up to their Bay house to get them. S jumps at any chance to wakeboard, so he woke up at an ungodly hour and drove to the Bay to help. Apparently the whole window operation took less time than they spent on the water, AND S was home by noon. Experts? I think so.

We didn't waste any time removing the temporary plywood "windows" we secured a few weeks ago when we finished the shed. With shims, long screws, and a couple of levels in hand, we adjusted the new windows and popped them in place.
We installed the window on the left first, then when we were about to install the window on the right we realized that both widows crank open to the left. Even though we'll rarely open the windows, we wanted them to both open toward the outside edges of the shed, so we flipped the window on the right upside down. It's not noticeable from the outside, but inside the crank is at the top of the window instead of at the bottom. Not a big deal, and way cuter from the outside. Now we just need to whip up some window boxes and plant a few flowers and we'll have the cutest shed in our neighborhood!

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