Feeney Bonds with a Kid

Our guests who prompted the early weekend guest room re-do visited us for a quick 24 hour trip with their toddler son. Feeney was in heaven; he loves babies, going for walks with babies, and throwing the ball at the park while babies play.
Lounge chair or dog? You decide.
Feens is eying the baby's tasty diaper and gearing up for a good lick-the-baby's-leg session. Feeney is a bit of a paper product connoisseur and enjoys treats like paper towels, magazines, and diapers on occasion.  
The baby was happy to give affection and Feeney was happy to receive the attention. We're lucky to have a dog who is so good with kids. Feeney says he's looking forward to visiting more kids when we travel to Maine this summer.

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