Our Guest Room, Re-Done

I've wanted to re-paint the guest room pretty much since the day we painted it back in December, when we clearly needed a second gallon of paint, but were snowed-in and couldn't get to the store to buy one. Instead I eeked out every last drop of paint and ended up with a very poor finish from pressing too hard on the roller. Live and learn. Plus, after painting our bedroom and little room a pale gray and the bathroom a seafoamy green, the blue I chose was just too dark.

We've had two guests since we've lived at the Hive: my parents and Big Jim. Big Jim's visit came around the time when I was using the guest bed to store approximately 16 extra pillows. I am quite positive Big Jim didn't notice anything but the pillows. But, now that the pillows are gone I wanted to make the guest room into a welcoming room for our guests and a prime storage spot for me. With my mom scheduled to visit in a couple of weeks, friends from Maine stopping by for a night this week, and a penciled-in stay from law school friends in October, it was high time to get cracking on the guest room re-design.

Since I knew the room would take more than a gallon of paint, I decided to start with the leftover half gallon of pale seafoam green from my office / sun room, which also happens to be the color of our bathroom ceiling. Choosing the same color meant I only had to buy one more gallon of Benjamin Moore's Aura paint and cut our costs in half.

I started cutting in around the baseboard of the room on Thursday night and finished after work on Friday. By Saturday afternoon I had two coats on the walls and the fan on high-blast.

I wanted the give the room a beachy feel, so as the paint dried I dug through our storage boxes for suitable decor. I swapped out our old dark blue dust ruffle with a white quilted one that I found on clearance at Home Goods. I dug through our linen closet for the palest pillow cases I could find and grabbed a few ticking striped pillows from storage. I dug up a few ticking stripe panels that I had sewn for windows in an old apartment and in the same box found a simple valance I had sewn for my old office in Pensacola. I found a few curtain rods and curtain rings from previous homes and hung the panels from each of the guest room's two windows.

The guest room is also where I keep all of my clothing, shoes, handbags, and all of my non-sailbag project supplies, so everything in here has to serve double duty. The night stand has two glasses and a reading light with a lampshade (that I made) for our guests, but inside it's a file cabinet where I keep sewing and knitting patterns and project notes.

The tall candelabra on top of the short Ikea Hemnes dresser used to conceal an ugly gas heater in an old apartment. I placed upside down bubble glass tumblers on it that I had originally bought because the heater would have melted wax candles. I love how the candelabra looks like beach grass. Inside the dresser I keep my scarves, hats and other accessories. Underneath is a woven basket that I use as an inbox for my mom, storing magazines as I read them for her to look at when she visits.

The tall wardrobe is also from Ikea. I placed an open basket on top of the wardrobe filled with towels for our guests. Two covered fabric boxes flanking it hold knitting needles and half-finished knitting projects. The inside wardrobe section is where I keep all of my fabric and the napkins that S and I sewed for our wedding, which my mom would like me to sew her a quilt from some day.
I keep yarn in the two wardrobe drawers, which I've lined with cedar to keep moths at bay.

And because I've commandeered every available nook of storage in the room we put this wicker chair underneath the windows so our guests have somewhere to toss their clothes at the end of the day.
I still need to create some artwork for the room with dried starfish that I bought on ebay, and I would like to create a headboard or at least the look of a headboard too. But for now the room is ready is definitely ready for guests to start visiting more often!

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  1. I love that wicker chair, very cute!

  2. Great makeover! The wall colour is perfect. Any guest would be lucky to stay there!

  3. Cute! I'm loving the chair. Where did you pick that up at?

  4. Thanks! The chair is from Pier One. It's a few years old so I'm not sure if they still sell it or not.


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