Giant Fail for the Dishwasher

In addition to an empty fridge, weedy lawn, and dirty laundry, we came home to a broken dishwasher. How on earth does a one year old dishwasher break from not being used for a month? And of course when a dishwasher breaks you don't find out when it's empty. No, it's full of dirty dishes, most of which have gunk dried on them 'cause we're a family of two and we run the dishwasher once or twice a week.

S investigated and took things apart while I washed the dishes by hand.
Then to make matters worse, S dropped the tiny little hex wrench back into the filter after having cleaned it out and put it all back together.... The hex wrench that we needed to be able to take off the four bolts to get at the dropped hex wrench. After a search through my I-used-to-be-single-and-live-alone tool box, which turned up no suitable wrench, S got creative. And retrieved the dropped wrench.
Thank you to the friends who gave us those little OXO fridge magnet clips for our wedding. We're really sorry we had to pry the magnet off of one of them, but it worked wonders.

With everything put back together and all unnecessary tools removed from the inner-workings of the dishwasher, we started it up.... Um. Technically it was working, but the sound, oh the sound! It was not ok.

We know it's a new dishwasher since our previous owners just renovated the kitchen a year ago, so we washed the dishes by hand and called the manufacturer in the morning. Today a totally cool woman showed up and after listening to the sound for two seconds confirmed that it needed a new motor. And we got one. For free. 'Cause it's under warranty. We're pretty psyched and will be even more so tonight when we don't have to do all our dishes by hand.

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