Concealing Drainage from the Downspouts

Before we covered our lawn with inches of leaf compost, S decided to cross another dig-up-the-yard project off the to-do list. He buried our downspout drains, which were big black tubes snaking across our yard and away from the house. It was a really easy project and makes a big difference both in looks and with potential pooling water in the yard, which in some homes could lead to issues with too much water near the foundation. The only reason we delayed the project until now is that the rolls of black drain pipe didn't fit into our cars, an issue we solved when we bought a new SUV.

We started by measuring the distance from the two downspouts at the back of our house to the slope in our yard that leads to the curb. We bought enough flexible drain piping to divert water from each downspout to a "Y" in the piping and then out to the curb in a single pipe. S laid the piping on the lawn and then dug down about a foot.
We secured the drain pipe to the downspout that had already been mangled by a previous owner. Home Depot sells a connection piece so you don't have to bend the downspout. But since ours was already bent to bits, we just worked with what we have.

S back-filled the trench over the drain pipe until the point where the two pipes formed a "Y" and then attached all the pipe with a special coupler.
We filled in the trench down to the side of the hill, making sure to leave enough pipe exposed so it doesn't get overgrown with grass.
Back at the downspouts, we took some rocks we dug out of the yard when leveling for the shed and piled them around the downspout-drain pipe junction, just to conceal the area a little bit. It was a good excuse to use some of the rock pile just hanging out by the air conditioner unit.
All-in-all it was a very fast and easy project and we're very glad we decided to cross it off our to-do list before redoing our entire lawn.

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  1. Well it's a nice drainage systems but i have doubts about its lasting. Anyways i see a nice way to keep your house foundation dry.

  2. The drainage system is meant to be buried and we're joining all of our neighbors who have used the same buried system so we hope it lasts. If it doesn't, it's not very deep so we can always dig it up and make repairs.


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